Sustainable and Innovative: the gardens of the future in the “Common green” project signed by Bellaria Igea Marina and Asproflor

8 April 2024

It’s an ambitious project, promoted by the Municipal Administration and Asproflor, which sees the valuable collaboration of various schools and the involvement, among others, of the “Perennials 4.0 Experimentation Group of Disafa” at the University of Turin, CER – Emiliano Romagnolo Channel, and Anthea S.r.l., as well as various national and local associative realities.

Common Green will see the permanent setup, for about five months, of various areas in the city center, which will completely change their appearance, becoming an open-air showroom dedicated to quality floral arrangements,” said Environment Councillor Adele Ceccarelli, who intervened today along with Asproflor President Sergio Ferraro, the designers who will oversee the setups – architects Enrico Leva, Luca Zanellati, and Francesco Demagistris – and Arch. Edoardo Cagnolati, green infrastructure manager at Anthea S.r.l. The areas involved will be the portion of Via Pascoli near the railway by the sea, some areas of the Casa Rossa park of Alfredo Panzini, Isola dei Platani, Via Roma, Via Perugia, Piazza Gramsci, and the Colombo seafront: with the latter subject to innovative and experimental green maintenance, under the supervision of the University of Turin.

The preparation of the setups,” the Councillor continues, “will be completed within a couple of months, with their inauguration already set for May 10th. This will give rise to a large-scale event that will run until September 30th, aimed at all stakeholders – nurserymen, architects, agronomists, both from the public and private sectors – as well as enthusiasts, involving them in the transfer of cutting-edge technical-agronomic knowledge: starting from concrete and tangible examples of innovative solutions and good practices in sustainable management of public greenery, exactly what they will find in our territory. Central will be, for example, the theme of water conservation, which will be the focus of study and dissemination days. During the summer, there will also be workshops for children and guided tours for tourists, leading up to the highlight event in September when industry professionals, starting from the administrators of the approximately two thousand municipalities adhering to Asproflor, will be called to a congress in Bellaria Igea Marina for a shared technical-scientific synthesis of an experience that we are proud to host: in continuity with the significant green and environmental policies implemented by the Administration in recent years.”

President of Asproflor Sergio Ferraro also expressed great satisfaction: “The bond between Asproflor and Bellaria Igea Marina was forged in 2022, with the city’s entry into our network and the attainment of the quality label, which the Administration and Councillor Ceccarelli have nurtured from the outset through active participation and full support for all our initiatives. Already last year, Bellaria Igea Marina played a central role in the experience we had in France, where together with other municipalities, we were able to visit floral arrangements with very high standards of care and quality; an enriching journey for all, akin to the annual meeting held later in Bellegra, where Bellaria Igea Marina once again distinguished itself by offering piadina and typical products to over a hundred municipalities present. On that occasion,” he continues, “we wanted to honor the city by choosing it as the location for the ‘Common Green’ project. A unique initiative in the national landscape, which will integrate various professional skills and competencies, bringing them together in front of a large living botanical showcase. With the core objective,” he concludes, “of conveying a message: ‘quality greenery is possible’, and even those aspects often rejected for economic reasons, such as maintenance, can be addressed and overcome through the right botanical choices, from the selection of plant species to the use of sustainable practices.”