Irrigation and container crops

10 July 2024

In agriculture and ornamental floriculture in particular, attention must pay attention to the best use of the water resource both to limit the environmental impact of the activity and to keep production costs as low as possible.

Most modern irrigation techniques make it possible to solve this problem to a large extent by ensuring a suitable hydrological balance for crops. In ornamental gardening, with the mass advent of container growing, the issue is even more central. In fact, if artificial substrates for potted crops can obviously be made from all sides the real limiting factor becomes, for container crops, water, which is even more crucial since the growing medium is not in close relationship with the soil and subsoil and therefore there is no direct exchange with the groundwater, but water must be entirely added to the growing substrate.

Equally, however, it should be emphasized that this method of cultivation is the one that allows for the greatest reduction in unit consumption and the complete recycling of surplus water.

The establishment of a nursery of container grown plants presupposes the presence of an appropriate availability in water, particularly in the summer period, for the cultivation cycle to start.

At Flormart Green Italy, it will be possible to learn about the latest innovations in the field in order to make efficient use of this increasingly precious resource, also due to the obvious climate changes.