The Xyloteca

The story of the world, the story of a life.

Throughout his career, Sandro Svaluto, a Professional Forester and teacher at the Agrarian Institute of Parma, has been collecting wood from all over the world.

A precious collection of biodiversity wealth gathered at Flormart – The Green Italy into three thematic sections: Europe, Africa, the Americas.

A small sample contains a plethora of information: grain, colour, and porosity of the wood make it possible to determine its physical and mechanical properties, age, durability over time, and resistance to pressure and impact.
Xylotheques are therefore valuable tools for the study and research of the most suitable species for planting, forests, and industrial use.

Above all, they represent a means to talk about sustainability, to once again raise awareness about the wealth of biodiversity found in nature and the importance of preserving it for the future. An exhibition not to be missed, ranging from fruit trees to the many types of fir, poplar, plane, eucalyptus and maple trees, the latter including one of the rarest woods in the world: the birds eye maple. Its name derives from the pattern of many tiny eyes, giving the wood a three-dimensional effect, a motif that is different in each tree, making each specimen unique. The collection will include the extraordinary cross-section of a beautifully preserved 226-year-old linden tree.