The Region of Lombardy has deliberated that plant residues from maintenance of public and private green spaces be classified as by-products, equating maintenance activity with production activity

24 June 2024

The Regional Council of Lombardy, with the session of May 28, 2024, accepting the instances of Coldiretti and Assofloro has deliberated the indications for the management of residues from green care activities, public and private.

The resolution clearly and unambiguously clarifies for floriculture companies, local governments and control bodies how green care residues can be managed and valorized, with a view to a circular economy, good agronomic practices and the development of new supply chains.

The resolution emphasizes that plant residues, if used in agriculture, forestry or for energy production through processes that do not harm the environment, can be considered by-products and not waste. This new approach aims to promote sustainable practices and facilitate the enforcement of environmental regulations, helping to reduce environmental impacts and foster the circular economy. The Region of Lombardy’s initiative provides a clear regulatory framework for operators in the sector, improving the management of plant residues and supporting the rational use of natural resources. This decision represents a significant step toward environmental sustainability and innovation in urban and private green maintenance practices.