On Saturday, June 29th, the official inauguration of the VerdeComune project in Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)

24 June 2024

On Saturday, June 29th, the VerdeComune project will be presented in Piazzetta Federico Fellini in Bellaria Igea Marina. The project is carried out by the Asproflor Comuni Fioriti association, in collaboration with the municipal administration.

Bellaria Igea Marina becomes a city of flowers thanks to the VerdeComune project, carried out by the Asproflor association and the municipal administration. Numerous areas in the city center have completely transformed, becoming an open-air showroom dedicated to high-quality floral arrangements. The official inauguration of the initiative is scheduled for Saturday, June 29th.

The VerdeComune project has transformed the city of Bellaria into a true floral exhibition fair, which will amaze residents and tourists with its colors and innovative solutions. The goal is to demonstrate that with the right botanical choices and the latest technical materials, it is possible to create high-quality public green spaces that require low maintenance and allow for water conservation.

This initiative, unique in Italy, involved 30 leading companies in the sector, as well as 3 educational institutions and universities. Additionally, there were 940 hours of work by over 25 Asproflor members and supporters involved in setting up all the areas affected by the project.

The activities on June 29th will start at 9:30 AM with a press conference to present the project. Architect Luca Zanellati, agronomist Dr. Enrico Leva, and Adele Ceccarelli from the municipal administration of Bellaria Igea Marina will discuss the details and objectives of the project. Additionally, companies and sponsors will explain the products used for the installations.
Dr. Lara Pozzato and Dr. Matteo Caser from the University of Turin, who conducted research on the use of new materials for water conservation in the project, will also be present. The morning will conclude with remarks from Asproflor President Sergio Ferraro.

Following this, at 11:00 AM, a guided tour of the areas involved in the project is scheduled: Isola dei Platani (via Guidi), Lungomare Colombo, Aiuole Fronte Stazione, via Roma and via Perugia, Giardini di via Pascoli, and Villa Panzini.

Each area involved in the project presented some critical issues (shaded areas, air salinity, excessive sun exposure, etc.), That have been resolved by technicians, identifying plants and blooms that could best adapt to different conditions and using advanced technical materials.

In the afternoon, at the end of the day, customized visits to the different different green areas.

“Asproflor’s goal is always to support Italian administrations, even the smallest and with fewer resources, to create beauty in their territory through greenery, making city spaces pleasant to live in,” comments Asproflor President Sergio Ferraro- With the VerdeComune project, the only one of its kind in Italy, we want to demonstrate to all public administrations that, by adopting the right botanical and varietal choices and with the help of highly efficient and sustainable advanced technical resources, it is possible to reduce the costs of managing greenery. He continues: “We thank the Bellaria Igea Marina Municipal Administration for immediately believing in this project, which will also bring a positive impact on the city’s tourism. All the displays are equipped with qr codes, where the types of plants used and their botanical characteristics will be explained. Furthermore, guided tours of the exhibitions will be organized during the tourist season”.

“We are grateful for this collaboration, which has led the study of urban greenery to refer to other the criteria than just the ornamental purpose, introducing elements of sustainability, environmental compatibility and biodiversity. It is a collaboration that has greatly enriched our territory and BIM’s green,” concludes the mayor of the Municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina Filippo Giorgetti.

Asproflor joins Italian floriculture producers, with the aim of promoting the image of Italian floriculture, green tourism and the role of flowers in the daily fabric of the city. It is an independent and autonomous association, which collaborates with members, organizations, unions and politicians who want to contribute to the development of Italian floriculture through the consumption of plants and flowers; it supports Italian municipal administrations, even the smallest ones, to improve public spaces with suitable blooms; it spreads responsibility and sensitivity towards towards public and private green spaces

A promoter of the Comuni Fioriti circuit, Asproflor is the only national contact that nominates towns and cities in Italy for the prestigious Communities in Bloom international competition, an award given annually in Canada to promote civic pride, environmental responsibility and beauty through the involvement of the Communities, with a focus on the improvement of green spaces.