New at Flormart – The Green Italy is the significant space dedicated to the green world: The Green Library is created in collaboration with the monthly Leggere.tutti and Agra Editrice.

This is a collection of over 1000 titles, including very rare ones, which can be consulted and purchased, ranging from technical books dedicated to floriculture, historic parks and gardens to works on landscape architecture and novels and poetry books about green culture and nature. The Green Library is a concept store that “will live” even after the conclusion of Flormart on the website

The Green Library also includes a presentation area where authors, writers, and experts will discuss their relationship with nature by presenting their books, and will be interviewed by writer and book blogger Giulia Ciarapica. Participating authors will include Carmine Abate, who will talk about nature through his latest novels, “L’Albero della Fortuna” (Aboca) and “Il Cercatore di Luce” (Mondadori); Alessandro Cerofolini, whose life has been spent in the woods, will present “Le Meraviglie dei Boschi Italiani”, Sentimental guide to the most beautiful forest heritage in Europe (Altreconomia); Pietro Bruni, founder of Yougardener with 300,000 followers, will explain “Perché il Pollice verde non esiste” (Mondadori); and Bernardo Ticli, with dozens of nature books to his name, reveals how to identify different botanical varieties in his “Alberi d’Italia e d’Europa”; Andrea Mati will be present with “Salvarsi con il verde” (Giunti), who indicates how the care of plants has a therapeutic effect and plants can contribute to our physical and spiritual health. Renato Ferretti will also be present with two books “Vestire il Paesaggio” and “Coltivazioni in Contenitore”, while Silvia Brini will present “Terrazzi Fioriti” (Rubettino).

Mattia Amarù, from the Franco Maria Ricci foundation, will also join these literary meetings: the presentation of the book “Il Labirinto della Masone” will be an opportunity to delve into the historical, philosophical, and botanical aspects of the Masone Labyrinth.

At the end of the event, there will be a chance to meet the writers and to have books signed.

The programme is available on the website

Agra editrice for Flormart – The Green Italy