The Council of State reaffirms the professional differences between Agronomists, Foresters, and Agrotechnicians

24 June 2024

For the umpteenth time, the Council of State found itself forced to confirm the obvious, what is unequivocally written in the current legislation: the duties falling under the professional category of the agronomist and forester (Art. 2 of Law No. 3/1976) and those provided for the category of the agrotechnician (Art. 11 of Law No. 251/1986) cannot be considered overlapping.

The judgment of the Council of State following the appeal that blocked the activity of the Cuneo municipal administration and engaged first the TAR since 2020 confirms the assessments made in the first instance by the administrative judge. The Council of State, in fact, also confirms the different operational capacity between those registered in the order of agronomists and doctors of forestry compared to those registered in the college of agrotechnicians and graduate agrotechnicians, contradicting the appellant’s deductions on the substantial equivalence of the agronomist’s and agrotechnician’s study path.