Presentation of the European Manifesto for Sustainability in the Floriculture Sector

8 April 2024

On April 9, 2024, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, the European Parliament will host the launch event of the European Flower and Plant Growers Manifesto, promoted by the Flowers and Plants Working Group of Copa-Cogeca.
You can register to participate in person or online at this link.

The meeting aims to highlight the importance of the floriculture sector in Europe’s green agenda, in view of the 2024 European elections. As the European elections approach, the event aims to emphasize the need to recognize the significant contribution of the flower and plant sector to environmental sustainability. The intention is to raise awareness among European politicians and citizens about the essential role that the sector plays in building a sustainable future for the continent.

The event will take place in room 3H1 of the European Parliament, at Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Bruxelles, and will be accompanied by interpreting services from English to Italian and vice versa. The goal is to stimulate reflection on the positioning of the floriculture sector within the European environmental agenda, maintaining a critical and informed approach to the proposals and initiatives presented.

Interventions Program:

1. Opening and Welcome: Camila Laureti and Jean Aerts, President of the Flowers and Plants Working Group of Copa-Cogeca, will open the event, welcoming participants and outlining the meeting’s objectives.

2. Presentation of the Flowers and Plants Sector: Speeches by Josep M. Pagès, Secretary General of ENA – European Nursery Association, and Sylvie Mamias, Secretary General of Union Fleurs, who will illustrate the importance and peculiarities of the floriculture sector.

3. Round Table “The Role of Flowers and Plants in Building a Sustainable Europe”: A panel of experts, including Robbert Snep (Wageningen University), Keyleigh Ammerlaan (Ammerlaan The Green Innovator), Nada Forbici (Coordinator of the National Floriculture Council of Coldiretti and President of Assofloro), and Henk Raaijmakers (President of ENA), will discuss the vital contribution of flowers and plants to European sustainability.

4. Presentation of Policy Recommendations: Aldo Alberto, Vice President of the “Flowers and Plants” Working Group of Copa-Cogeca, will present the main policy recommendations. This will be followed by a speech by Veronica Manfredi, Director Zero Pollution at the European Commission DG ENVI, to outline future perspectives.

5. Concluding Remarks: Tom Vandenkendelaere, co-host, will close the event with final remarks and reflections on the topics discussed.