From may 9th to may 12th, Orticola, the usual plant event held at the gardens of via Palestro in Milan, will take place.

3 May 2024

This year’s theme is “Generation G”: “Young Gardeners” are growing, as well as attention to the environment and sustainability, which means taking care of the planet, which is nothing but “a planetary garden” of which we are all gardeners and to which we all must lend a hand!

Following the thinking of Gilles Clément, one of the most well-known and influential landscape architects, entomologist, botanist, theorist, and above all gardener – as he likes to define himself -, theorist of the planetary garden and the concept of the third landscape, we must learn that each of us is responsible for our own habitat: our planet is our garden and we must take care of it. The planetary garden is a principle, its gardener is all humanity. The planetary garden teaches us that nature does not fit into traditional fences. Insects, birds, water, soil, oxygen do not belong to an enclosed space, and thinking that we can still dominate the living, instead of living with it, is an obsolete belief. We must reconnect with other forms of life and reclaim the role of humans as part of the biosphere, the animal world, Nature: man is not the master of the planet, but can influence its destiny, and must do so, now more than ever, positively.

Orticola 2024 addresses this new generation, which we have called Generation G as Young Gardeners, also grown from the experience of Covid, which feels part of the environment, not its master; a generation that knows that Nature is an unavoidable necessity. To this generation, we want to speak and give support, presenting a traditional exhibition, but more than anything else, it speaks of nature, living beings, plants: organisms that are fundamental for our survival, and in the same way, they know how to communicate with us, even just by blooming in response to our care: flowers are the stars of the earth, Terrestrial Stars Flowers, like the motto of the Orticola Association of Lombardy. After Britain in 2022 and Japan in 2023, international cultural exchanges continue with the presence of Switzerland at the 2024 edition, with which we share great sensitivity towards the new generations and the same attention towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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