From may 17th to 19th, in the ancient village of Bornato, Franciacorta in Fiore returns with an important anniversary

5 April 2024


This year’s theme: “Flowers and bees, essence of life and infinite sweetness.” Preparations are underway for Franciacorta in Fiore, the rose and perennial herb market, which will once again color the meadows and courtyards of the ancient residences in the Ancient Village of Bornato (BS) on May 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2024. The event is organized by the Municipality of Cazzago San Martino and was presented to the press by Mayor Fabrizio Scuri and by Cristian Faita, Councilor for the Enhancement and Promotion of the territory, in the presence of Osvaldo Paderni, president of the Fair Committee.

The 2024 edition of Franciacorta in Fiore represents an important milestone as this year the event celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. With pride and joy, the community is preparing to celebrate a quarter of a century of love for nature and the territory.

“Franciacorta in Fiore is a true gem in the landscape of green-related events,” declared Mayor Fabrizio Scuri. “This year, as we reach the milestone of 25 candles, we reflect not only on the success of this event, which promotes Franciacorta as a quality tourist destination, but also on its ability to pay homage to the beauty and richness of our land. Franciacorta in Fiore is not just an event, but a symbol of our dedication to the enhancement and conservation of the territory.”

For this XXV edition, an extremely particular and significant theme has been identified: “Flowers and bees, essence of life and infinite sweetness.” To celebrate these two elements that intertwine in the fabric of life, nourishing us not only with their scent and nectar but also with their symbolism of rebirth and connection, a close collaboration has been initiated with the Bee Association of Brescia.