22 September 2023

The 72nd edition of the international floriculture fair Flormart – The Green Italy has just ended. Next meeting is in Padova from 25 to 27 September 2024.

Innovative and sustainable products: 9 exhibitors receive the Flormart award.

The ideal landscape is the leitmotif of the edition Flormart – The Green Italy 2024.

Over 4,000 specialized visitors, 200 Italian and European exhibitors, 300 top buyers of which 150 from abroad.

(Padova, 22 September) 200 exhibitors from Italian and European production areas, with 20 new entries attended Flormart – The Green Italy for the first time. 300 top buyers of which 150 from abroad. 20,000 sq m exhibition area. 4,000 specialized visitors, more than 60 accredited journalists and every main trade associations in attendance. Over 20 conferences organized including a training course for journalists, 2 contests on floriculture.

These are some of the figures of the 72nd edition of Flormart – The Green Italy, the international exhibition dedicated to greenery, floriculture and landscape architecture, organized by Fiere di Parma that ended today in Padova.

The next date is 25-27 September 2024 for the 73rd edition of Flormart – The Green Italy in Padova with a new leitmotif: the ideal landscape.

Floriculture production for climate mitigation

Flormart – The Green Italy is relying on floriculture to curb climate changes, or rather, to try to prevent its consequences and find forms of adaptation to limit its negative effects.

As explained by ANVE (National Association of Nurserymen Exporters), as some tree species decline, such as beech, sycamore maple, linden, elm, fir, other ones will increase their spread, such as holm oak, cork oak, black hornbeam, oak and many more. With this in mind, nursery production will need to take into account a constantly increasing request for “Mediterranean” plants from areas with continental climate. Above all, the demand for plants for climate mitigation is going to increase: urban forestation and public and private greening will be key.

A direction already indicated by the European Green Deal, which set the goal of planting millions of trees by 2030. An undoubtedly ambitious goal that calls for the participation of all European countries.

Made in Italy floriculture around the world

Flormart – The Green Italy certifies the continuation of the approval process of the new framework law for the regulation of the entire Italian floriculture sector, its complex supply chain and the numerous players that are part of it. The framework law will most likely be passed in early 2024.

The framework law will represent for floriculture a further boost for the growth of a sector that already exceeds 3 billion euro in value,” says Antonio Cellie, CEO of Fiere di Parma. “The presence at Flormart – The Green Italy of over 300 top buyers, 150 of which from abroad, is significant of how this format provides an opportunity for stakeholders to compare and plan, and a place where qualified demand meets the excellence of nursery production.

Among the important exhibitors attending Flormart – The Green Italy, many businesses from Italian production districts, from Liguria to Tuscany, Veneto to Emilia Romagna, as well as Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily and Abruzzo. International exhibitors primarily from France, Belgium, Spain, Greece. Companies with a long tradition operating in the international market, belonging to the nursery, technical equipment and landscape architecture sectors.

The participation and involvement of international buyers and their active participation was fundamental. In the 2023 edition, they came from over 30 European and non-European countries including Saudi Arabia, facilitated by the incoming programmes set up in collaboration with ICE Agenzia, the Italian Institute for Foreign Commerce.

Science and culture at Flormart – The Green Italy

Over the course of the two days, some 20 conferences, debates and talks between industry professionals were organised. Numerous training courses for agronomists and foresters, architects and landscape architects, and journalists were organised with the collaboration of the main trade associations, which included: ANVE (National Association of Nurserymen Exporters), Assoverde, ANCI (Association of Italian Municipalities), Pubblici Giardini, AIAPP (Italian Association for Landscape Architecture), AIGP (Italian Association of Professional Gardeners), AIPV (Italian Association of Landscape Professionals), AIPSA (Italian Association of Producers of Cultivation Media and Soil Conditioning).

Focus on topical issues, such as the effects of climate change, urban regeneration through greenery, and water scarcity. Also technical insights into e.g. micro-propagation, growing media,phytopathology diagnostics. Studies on market trends in the floricultural sectorin France and Germany were presented by ICE Agenzia. And historic gardens, garden centres, bio-lake, agro-ecology, PNRR (the National Recovery and Resilience Plan) and case histories were the focus of discussions between the protagonists of the complex floriculture supply chain.

Green is the extra something that adds beauty to cities and the landscape, and psycho-physical wellbeing to those who enjoy them,” says Gloria Oppici, brand manager of Fiere di Parma. “This is why Flormart – The Green Italy also wanted to give space to the green cultural soul through installations that enriched the international showcase of Made in Italy with artistic and literary value, excellently represented by the innovative and state-of-the-art products of our exhibitors”.

From The Green Library, a space with more than 1,000 books on this topic including technical books, essays, novels and poems on the subject of greenery and nature and meetings with authors. From the Xylotheque with 240 varieties of wood from all over the world, to Danilo Marchesi’s photographic exhibition ‘Di fiore in foglia‘ (From Flower to Leaf) with more than 60 photos depicting the genesis of the flower.

9 exhibitors receive the Flormart award– The Green Italy

Also in this edition of the Flormart Award – The Green Italy, exhibitors were honoured for their outstanding innovations in plants, technology and services. A prestigious award thanks to a jury of industry experts who decided to highlight innovations aimed at environmental, economic and social sustainability.

For the Terra, landscaping and management of greenery sector, the award went to Fabrizio Pecci’s Vivai Onlymoso for its KonsolidOM ready-to-use sod, the ideal solution for greening all types of soil, which is easy to install and requires low maintenance. KonsolidOM is an evergreen ground cover grass that can withstand extreme temperatures, grows in both full sun and shade, creates a hostile environment for the development of aphids and requires no chemical treatment. Its lush foliage captures an enormous amount of CO2; its dense root system creates a “green net” that strengthens fragile sloping terrain, as well as allowing phytodepuration of the soil.

Two mentions were also given: Acer rubrum ‘Redpointe’ by the Hortival company, an elegant tree with beautiful autumn colours, small flowers and winged seeds; Magnolia grandiflora Alta by Romiti Vivai,slender and upright, which remains naturally fastigiated without pruning and is very resistant to heat and cold.

For the Water technologies, equipment and means of production sector, the winner was Green Capital Group Ltd. for Wood Plug “Peat Free” Rooting. Made of wood fibres, young plants can be sown or cuttings planted, and the use of peat eliminated.

A mention to Hortobot Srl for HORTObot, an autonomous, self-propelled, all-electric robot dedicated to multi-culture.

For the Air Green Design and Innovation sector, award to Climax Italy for vertical garden systems that cover buildings creating well-being, sustainability and high quality of life for people.

Mention to Irriworks Srl for rriRT, a cutting-edge software created to radically transform the way irrigation systems are designed and managed, minimise water waste and maximise efficiency.

Finally, for the Fire Research, Management and Crop Care sector, NICOLAHAZELNUT® of Vivai Nicola by Nicola Marco was awarded. These are 2-year-old bare-root plants processed according to patent.

Mention to Meristema Srl Società Agricola for the Musa acuminata ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ also called dwarf banana, with the special colours of its adult leaves.

Flormart – The Green Italy, an international showcase for floriculture since 1971

Flormart – The Green Italy is a long-standing professional event dedicated to floriculture and landscape design: since 1971, a brand and tradition unique of its kind in Italy and Europe. An international showcase and a highly specialised professional event given over to the plant supply chain as a whole. Over the years, Flormart – The Green Italy has grown from its roots in the floriculture sector, going on to branch out into greenery in its broadest sense. From landscape architecture to environmental engineering, from green cities to urban furnishings, from new greenery-related jobs to digitalisation.

Various goods sectors will be taking part: creating and caring for green areas; design and innovation; technologies, tools and production equipment; research, management and treatments for crops; start-ups, media, services and training.

Over the course of 72 editions, Flormart – The Green Italy has become a platform for trade professionals to share knowledge, as well as offering a meeting place for stakeholders in the supply chain. The latter include nursery owners, cultivators, designers, firms that create and care for green areas, plant and flower dealers, end users and public bodies.

Flormart – The Green Italy is organised by the Fiere di Parma group, which, with effect from the last edition, has taken up the challenge to embrace new sectors such as horticulture. Fiere di Parma has been organising successful international trade fairs for 80 years. Its solutions are always at the cutting edge, and manage to combine tradition with innovation and sustainability. Its mission is to promote Italian-made excellence all over the world.


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