Coniolo Flowers 2024

22 May 2024

The 22nd edition saw a significant number of participants and satisfaction from the organizers over the two days, with over 12,000 visitors, 90 exhibitors, and 130 children participating in the workshop “Plants and Flowers Talk to Us.”

Two days dedicated to beauty, featuring many proposals from floriculturists, craft vendors, and food and wine producers. The town was adorned with beautiful May blooms and original decorations. The town’s scenic spots, panoramic views, and the ethnographic museum “Coniolo, the Village that Lived Twice” were also highly appreciated.

The organizers, including Agostino Giusto, President of “Conioloè,” and Mayor Arles Garelli, expressed great satisfaction. Garelli stated, “Our efforts were rewarded with two beautiful days. Seeing the parking lots full and the streets completely covered by a flood of visitors makes us proud of our small village. Our museum was also greatly appreciated.”

There was significant participation in the “Most Beautiful Garden” competition, and the award ceremony following the inauguration was very interesting. The Massimo Matteini Memorial Award, now in its second edition, was given to Frank Van Suchtelen. Van Suchtelen was the creator of the “Plant of the Month” curated by Plant Publicity Holland in the 1990s, responsible for communication for Plantarium in Booskop and for Groet en Groen in Zundert. He also promoted the European horticulture network among journalists from many EU countries.

Finally, to our great surprise and pleasure, we received an award for the fifty years of activity of Linea Verde, accepted by Silvia Vigè and Renato Ferretti, and presented by Frank Van Suchtelen and Agostino Giusto.