71st edition


11 Sep

ProntoPro: the future of the green sector is online. Professionals are just a click away

ProntoPro is the number one website in Italy to match supply and demand of craftmanship and services. It stems from the need to find professionals in a simple and swift way, comparing profiles, quotations and reviews in full transparency.

ProntoPro, that has just launched its platform in Austria and Switzerland, has often been acknowledged for its innovations. It boasts impressive figures: more than 700,000 customers have already used the platform to find professionals and companies among 500 available categories.More than 100,000 professionals work in the green sector: gardeners, florists, nursery farmers and others, who rely on ProntoPro to be more active online, where it’s possible to know and find new customers with word of mouth. More than 300,000 professionals are enrolled: craftsmen, event-planners, IT operators, teachers and well-being experts.

Why does ProntoPro work? Because it offers an effective and swift service: customers send out a request for free and receive up to 5 customized quotations in no time, via phone or email.

Discover ProntoPro’s advantages for the green sector. ProntoPro will be at Flormart, at the GreenInnovation Hub in Hall 15!
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