71st edition


25 Jul

Between biodiversity and sustainability, Flormart as an international benchmark

Seventy editions… and still going strong. Flormart is increasingly becoming the international benchmark trade fair for horticulture, landscape architecture and green infrastructure related world. A shared vision: green thinking. Since sustainability is today an essential theme to make our planet better and to preserve it, Flormart has always been open to all new technology trends. An established tradition combined with a forward- looking vision offers a window into the future and provides the winning formula of the event from 26-28 September 2019.

«The 70 th Flormart edition is focused on the great attention the green world is being given as a pivotal key to build a more sustainable future – Luca Veronesi, CEO of Fiera di Padova, explains. One of the topics to be discussed at the trade fair, with the valued contribution from operators and experts, is how to protect and give value to biodiversity in both urban and extra-urban areas. For three days Padova will be the international focus of the industry thanks to Flormart and its collaboration with sector-related institutions and trade associations. The key to success for this exhibition is to combine a great historical heritage with the ability to look towards the future».
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