70th edition


Review of events and meetings on current and specific topics.

AIPH International Green City Conference "New Greening in Old Cities"


Wednesday 19 September 2018

09:00 - 13:00

Pad. 14 - Sala Platanus Plenaria. Conference in english



It is one thing to build green space into a city masterplan but it is something altogether different when the city is already there and the green space is not! Many cities in Europe need to be made greener but how do you do this and why does it matter? The AIPH International Green City Conference, New Greening in Old Cities, will focus on how to retrofit cities with living green, the plants to use and how this will benefit the health of citizens and environmental biodiversity.

09:00 Welcome speeches – including Ms. Karen Tambayong (AIPH Green City Committee Chair)
09:20 Making Italian Cities Greener –Prof. Valerio Morabito, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria and at the Pennsylvania University, USA
How heritage cities in Italy are rising to the challenge of greening. Using examples from cities across Italy this talk will show the latest thinking and innovation in the use of living green in Italy and what this means for the future of Italian cities.

10:00 Options:
Green Infrastructure and Health - Prof. Paolo Semenzato, University of Padova, Italy
Making a city greener makes its citizens healthier. Prof. Semenzato will review the way that green infrastructure improves health and what needs to be done to make older cities healthier through greening.

10:30 Discussion and questions
10:45 BREAK
11:15 Greening European Cities – Dr. Maria Yeroyanni, Senior Expert, European Commission.
EU policy direction on city development, specifically in relation to city greening. EU initiatives to promote greening, projects they are currently supporting and opportunities for the future.

11:45 Greening Buildings on the Inside - Prof. Dr. Bert van Duijn from Fytagoras BV, the Netherlands
For most people city life happens inside buildings rather than outside. Bert van Duijn is working on projects with Wageningen University, for Royal FloraHolland. This talk will demonstrate the importance of greening the inside of buildings and novel solutions for interior greening.

12:15 Increasing Urban Biodiversity through Greening – Dr. Chiara Catalano, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (IUNR), Switzerland.
In contrast to the grey, lifeless appearance of many cities they can be made vibrant centres of biodiversity. Dr. Catalano will show how careful plant selection and the planned use of greening techniques, including green roofs, can enhance urban biodiversity making cities better for all living organisms.
12:45 Questions
13:00 LUNCH
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