23 August 2023

Padova, 20-22 September 2023. All the latest developments at Flormart – The Green Italy

Natural wood fibre for producing substrates, the art of bonsai growing and lagerstroemia. Low-emission tree spades, electric lawnmowers and robotic mulchers.

200 exhibitors from Italy’s manufacturing districts and abroad, and over 150 international buyers.

Flormart – The Green Italy, the international fair dedicated to greenery, horticulture and landscape architecture, will see its 72nd edition get underway from 20 to 22 September2023 in Padova’s fairgrounds.

Around 200 exhibitors from Italy’s manufacturing districts – including Liguria, Tuscany, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, not to mention Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily and Abruzzo – will be taking part in Flormart – The Green Italy. Foreign companies are also well represented, first and foremost of which are European firms from France, Belgium, Spain, Greece alongside other international exhibitors.

Around twenty new entries will be taking part, including horticultural businesses, technical equipment manufacturers and landscape architecture firms. All of which goes to reinforce the cutting-edge concept behind The Green Italy, which brings together the entire green universe in an international showcase of Italian businesses in the field.

And to promote the Italian industry on international markets, Fiere di Parma is organising two incoming programs: Flormart Buyers Program, in conjunction with ICE Agenzia, and Flormart Experience, for large-scale retailers and Italian garden retailers. Together, these two exclusive and complete business programs have already secured ties with over 150 international buyers.

From the art of bonsais to 100% electric lawnmowers

The 200 exhibitors that have already signed up for Flormart – The Green Italy make up a considerable range of participating businesses. They include SavioLife, partner firm of the horticultural trade fair and the Life Science Business Unit of the Saviola Group. With 15 plants in Italy and abroad, the industrial Group is celebrating 60 years in the industry, and continues to ensure sustainability remains its core business. In particular, it will be presenting innovative agriculture-based products: Extralignum, natural wood fibres for producing farming substrates; Vegastim, root growth stimulants with chestnut tannin extracts; and Sazolene, slow-release nitrogen-based fertilisers.

In the horticultural sector, participants include Vannucci Piante, straight from the Pistoia production district, where the company boasts greenhouses covering a surface area of 590 hectares, with a range of over 3,000 species and varieties that decorate parks, gardens, terraces and urban spaces in 60 countries worldwide.

One of the firms to make horticultural history includes the large family of the Giorgio Tesi Group, which in addition to its garden plants and the collection of cypress cultivars, will be presenting its new specialisation, the art of bonsais, at Flormart – The Green Italy.

Not to mention: Meristema, one of Italy’s first micro-propagation laboratories in Italy, Vettori which specialises in reproducing young plants, and Oasi Vivai Piante and Voltz Horticulture, which also specialise in seeds. For orchards and olive trees, amongst others, visitors should look out for

Vivai Buemi, Sylva Van Hulle for bare-root plants, whilst Floricoltura Pironi specialises in vegetable allotment plants and perennials. Vivai Nord will also be taking part with its garden plants, whilst Vivai Guagno covers forestry plants. For fruit trees, participating businesses include Vivai Dainese, Piante Battistini and Vivai Lirussi.

Romiti Vivai has also confirmed its presence at Flormart – The Green Italy with its collection of lagerstroemias, and two plants in particular: Young Lady, a highly decorative shrub with its breathtaking pinkish blooms, and ‘The Rising Sun™’, with its abundance of lavender pink blossoms and heart-shaped leaves.

The mechanical sector will also be represented, with businesses of the calibre of Holmac, which specialises in machinery and equipment for root-balling and moving plants in root- balls and in vases; Pazzaglia, which in addition to its root-balling, vase moving and self- propelled tree pruning baskets is also taking its new FZ130 model with Stage V motor to the fair, as required by environmental emission regulations. Professional gardening machines and equipment for building and maintaining football pitches, golf greens, grounds and sports fields are all the preserve of Bruni, at the cutting edge with its radio-controlled Spider lawnmowers, and 100% electric Mean Greenmowers.

Amongst others, Peruzzo will be taking part with three of its products in pole position: Robofox, a robotic remote-controlled wood chipper offering high performance levels; an updated version of the TB100-C PRO, perfect for chipping branches up to 11 cm in diameter; and the TIREX mounted on a cart for road transportation, for large volume pruning.

From Europe to Saudi Arabia and Qatar: the international buyers

The aim of Fiere di Parma, which is organising the fair for the second year running, is to foster partnerships between manufacturers and retailers arriving from Italy and abroad. For this reason, international buyers are key players at Flormart – The Green Italy.

The 150-plus buyers who have already signed up include public authorities such as Riyadh Municipality from Saudi Arabia, not to mention public and private parks. One such example is Disneyland Paris which has once again confirmed it will be attending Flormart – The Green Italy. Of the buyers who create and maintain parks and gardens is Madrid-based company AmbientaPaisajismo.

Landscape design & Architecture is well represented, including the Al Sulaiteen Gardens in Qatar and Enea in Switzerland. Also from Saudi Arabia is AlJammaz Hydrotek which imports and distributes plants. The many garden centres include German businesses Blumen Ostmann from Lower Saxony and Landgard from the Rhineland.

All the conferences at Flormart – The Green Italy

An intense calendar of events is set to be staged at Flormart – The Green Italy, a meeting point and important opportunity for the sector’s key players to exchange ideas. Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 and Friday 22 September 2023 are the three action-packed days which will see the greatest experts in greenery, trade associations and leading firms putting horticulture – and all the issues involving the world of greenery – in the spotlight.

On Wednesday 20 September 2023, the inaugural conference will kick off the Fair along with all the other events. AIAPP The Italian association for landscape architecture will be presenting “The effects of climate change on the landscape system in cities: the need to shift from a planning to a management-based approach”. The afternoon will feature “Micro-propagation alongside horticulture: understanding technology and the potential for environmentally-friendly plant nurseries”, in conjunction with Andrea Vitale, a technical consultant for micro-propagation.

Works on the morning of the second day get underway with an interesting conference dedicated to the “Management of green areas, parks and gardens”, organised by AIGP, the Italian Association of Professional Gardeners. It will be followed by “ Studies, projects and applications for the potential of urban regeneration using greenery – I want my city greener!” in collaboration with ANVE, the National Association of Root-Stock Exporters. AIPSA (the Italian Association of Producers of Cultivation Substrates and Soil Conditioners) will be presenting “The substrates sector, from innovation to research and regulations”. The afternoon will feature: “Parchi della salute” (urban garden spaces designed for promoting health) and greenery for healing, with Assoverde.

The last day, Friday 22 September, will begin with the conference entitled “Greenery for quality of life: implementation and prospects from Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan”, organised in conjunction with ANCI and Pubblici Giardini. It will be followed by a talk on the subject of “Communicating greenery and enhancing the urban landscape” and, in the afternoon, “Agroecology: the horticulture of the future” in a joint venture with Davines Group, to discuss regenerative organic farming and learn more about the EROC strategic project.

Flormart – The Green Italy, an international showcase for horticulture since 1971 In Padova from 20 to 22 September 2023, Flormart – The Green Italy is a long- standing professional event dedicated to horticulture and landscape design: since 1971, a brand and a tradition unique of its kind Italy and Europe. This international showcase is a highly specialised professional event given over to the plant supply chain as a whole. Over the years, Flormart – The Green Italy has grown from its roots in the floriculture sector, going on to branch into greenery in its broadest sense. From landscape architecture to environmental engineering, from green cities to urban furnishings, from new greenery-related jobs to digitalisation.

Various goods sectors will be taking part: creating and caring for green areas; design and innovation; technologies, tools and production equipment; research, management and treatments for crops; startups, media, services and training.

Over the course of 72 editions, Flormart – The Green Italy has become a platform for trade professionals to share knowledge, as well as offering a meeting place for stakeholders in the supply chain. The latter include nursery owners, cultivators, designers, firms that create and care for green areas, plant and flower dealers, end users and public bodies.

Flormart – The Green Italy is organised by the Fiere di Parma group which, with effect from the last edition, has taken up the challenge to embrace new sectors such as horticulture. Fiere di Parma has been organising successful international trade fairs for 80 years. Its solutions are always at the cutting edge, and manage to combine tradition with innovation and sustainability. Its mission is to promote Italian-made excellence all over the world.

Info: Flormart – The Green Italy is set to be held at Fiera di Padova trade fair premises from 20 to 22 September 2023 from 9 am to 6 pm, and is aimed solely at trade professionals,

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