Flora Toscana approves 2023 budget, allocated 300,000 euros for Member Development Fund.

4 June 2024

A General Meeting of the Members of Flora Toscana was held on, May 28, 2024.

Members were asked to approve the 2023 budget, which closed with excellent results. Revenues reached 50 million euros and net income exceeded 800,000 euros. The very positive financial situation made it possible to reduce debt by 30 percent compared to the previous year and the allocation of 300,000 euros for the Members Development Fund, the mutual fund that Flora Toscana created to support its members’ productions and investments.

The group’s consolidated results were also confirmed as excellent, with revenues over 71 million and net profit of 1.7 million euros.

The cooperative’s President, Ugo Conforti, commented, “The result achieved in 2023 is a source of great satisfaction and pride for us Members and we thank all our collaborators for achieving it; now we must continue to invest in the cooperative’s future, also thinking about the next generations of members.” Also joining in the thanks was Vice President, Alessia Spinetti, who added, “the values that have always distinguished the work of Flora Toscana come out stronger from these results, which should not be considered a point of arrival, but the beginning of a new cycle of growth for the cooperative.”

The Assembly was also an opportunity for internal and institutional discussions, given the speeches of a number of representatives of local and regional authorities. In addition to delving into issues and dynamics of the markets in which Flora Toscana operates, future prospects and new opportunities were discussed. The Director, Simone Bartoli, concluded the meeting by announcing the start of work on the drafting of Flora Toscana’s first sustainability report and the cooperative’s plan to support members in implementing environmental certifications, which are increasingly relevant for competitiveness in the market.