The five elements

According to the ancients, the world’s natural order was based on five elements. The universe of Flormart – The Green Italy follows this tradition, turning it into the ideal map to navigate the trade show:


The cradle of roots is the foundation of every project, and the beginning of every story. At Flormart – The Green Italy 2024 this symbol unites under a single banner all the professionals of horticulture, operators that take care of terrain and cultural techniques specialists.


Spring of life, the Element that ties all the others together. In this group you can find all the professionals of irrigation, but also producers of technologies and means of production, whose know-how is at the basis of every green project.


Renewal and innovation are concepts related Nature. Air is the flow that thrusts the future. In the Green Italy we imagine, landscape architects and green space designers are the interpreters of the latest trends, fueling innovation by developing new ways to think and realize the green space.


Energy that propels the sector of horticulture and landscape design, thanks to the ability to study, understand and manage old and new processes. This element includes also technology and machinery for gardening and plant production.


The cultural soul of the Green Italy we strive for. An abstract symbol, suggestive and charming, the Fifth Element represents the energy and bravery of the start-ups of the sector, the innate capacity of the media to understand new trends and create culture, and the value of institutes that provide corporate training.

Follow your soul and experience Flormart – The Green Italy your way, by finding the Element of the fair that represents you the most.