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Green Perspectives

In the last century the world has grown at a dizzying pace. Its development has led to globalization, cause of a strong decrement of the world’s green areas and of the detriment to biodiversity. Reversing this trend in aid of sustainability and biodiversity is the goal of everyone who wants to give the world a flourishing future. Flormart, the international exhibition of horticulture, ItaliaPiùVerde and Ab Origine work for this.

Manifesto for a sustainable future

  • Everything starts with nature and green is the color of the future.
  • It is essential to protect the Green and its biodiversity because it is from change that life is born.
  • Italy is the country where biodiversity is the heart of the ecosystem. Protecting and improving it is a goal that those who believe in the importance of sustainable development ought to pursue.
  • Giving voice and promoting issues related to sustainability is an important commitment because it helps to reinforce awareness on green matters. With this target in mind, Flormart has given life to the ItaliaPiùVerde project that works in favor of this.
  • Helping to protect, redevelop and increase the green areas of urban and suburban areas is an improvement in everyone's quality of life. Reason why Flormart has created Giardino Italia, a concrete answer on the subject
  • Cultivating flowers and plants, designing gardens and landscapes means giving space to beauty. And beauty always generates new beauty.
  • It is important to propose innovative solutions the green sector to make it more efficient and sustainable, able to meet an ever-increasing demand for the environment’s respect and sustainability. With this objective, Flormart created GreenInnovatio n Hub, concrete proof of the world’s progress.
  • Anyone who works to safeguard the Green improves the future for the next generations.

The international exhibition of floriculture, floristry and landscaping with an eye to the future.

Flormart presents the green sector through a panoramic view taking in all its most significant and innovative aspects. Flormart also speaks of green as the future of the world with the Terra Verde Project and Ab Origine.


ItaliaPiùVerde is a project created by Flomart, international exhibition of horticulture, landscape architecture and green infrastructures. The project aims to represent the Italian nursery gardening sector and wants to give a future to the world of the Green. ItaliaPiùVerde deals with issues that, in the name of a sustainable development, will make the future Italy greener. From Institutions to qualified operators, to all those who live in our beautiful country.

The themes that count for ItaliaPiùVerde.

Here are the issues that can help to raise awareness, make people think and lead to the commitment of institutions and operators, fundamental factors for the growth of the green in our country. Green: the color of the future 

Young opportunities
Green infrastructures

A project for biodiversity.

AB Origine creates knowledge of the Green. It is indeed a project that aims to:

  • raising awareness on the issue of biodiversity,
  • Promoting the knowledge and the protection of rare or in extinction species all over the world
  • Enhancing the plantation of native species.

For a growing involvement of all on the theme of biodiversity, essential for the future of our planet.

*Ab_Origine means “from the beginning”; biodiversity is the origin of everything, the basis of life, an heritage value that Ab_Origine defends and supports.

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