70th edition

Exhibition areas

PAD. 1/4/5

Nursery gardening

Plants and flowers. The green heart of the expo.

Flormart is one of the most important Italian and international showcases in the nursery gardening sector. An essential appointment for all those wanting to discover all the most significant and innovative aspects of the green sector today.

Exhibition areas

Plant and flower growers

  • Root-balled plants
  • Plants in containers
  • Fruit plants
  • Grapevine nurseries
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Outdoor and indoor flowering plants
  • Aromatic plants
  • Citruses
  • Plants for continental, Mediterranean and tropical climates
  • Plants for forest tree nurseries
  • Vegetable plants

PAD. 11

sustainable architecture and design

urban centres and built environments. green regeneration.

Flormart 2017 focuses on urban regeneration. In this regeneration, plants, flowers and landscape have a key role to play in the changes taking place in the contemporary city. During landscape design and land organisation both inside and outside the city, the environment is therefore at the centre of every decision.

Exhibition areas

  • Landscape design
  • Construction and maintenance of landscaped areas
  • Turf driveways
  • Pervious surfaces
  • Garden maintenance machinery
  • Energy efficiency systems
  • Natural ponds, flooring, roofing
  • Street furniture
  • Consultancy and design
  • Training
  • Components for garden terraces
  • Phytoremediation
  • Photovoltaic energy systems
  • Waterproofing membranes for roofs
  • Outdoor LED lighting
  • Complete systems for green roofs
  • Irrigation systems for garden terraces
  • Vertical landscaping systems
  • Technologies and systems for sustainable building
  • Water treatment and recycling
  • Landscape maintenance techniques
  • Urban landscape management plans
  • Historical monumental regeneration

PAD. 11/external areas

Green research lab


This space is given over to the presentation of innovative products, processes, research and production systems, to enhance new models and approaches for the agriculture of the future, with a focus on cross-contamination between different sectors and applications.

Exhibition areas

  • Process/product innovation
  • Analysis and monitoring instruments
  • Innovative systems for precision agriculture and land management
  • Hydroponic and soilless cultivation
  • Development of eco-sustainable agricultural technologies and practices
  • Sustainable solutions for fertilisation
  • Technologies for Smart Cities and Smartland
Awards: Nova Green Special projects: 1:1 Vertical Farm

PAD. 14


The entire production chain to create a system.

As well as its specifically horticultural aspects, at Flormart the floriculture sector also presents its industrial activities. The Technology area is dedicated to manufacturers of materials for cultivation: from producers of intermediate products (pots, topsoil, chemical factors, etc.), through mechanisation, to manufacturers of greenhouses and plant and machinery for the production, maintenance and management of green landscapes.

Exhibition areas

  • Mechanical and chemical companies in the sector
  • Professional containers and pots for cultivation
  • Soil, fertilisers and plant protection products
  • Plant engineering
  • Greenhouses
  • Mechanisation
  • Irrigation systems
  • Analysis/measurement/control instruments
  • Producers of plant and systems for energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Co-generation
  • Logistics: handling, platforms, packaging
Awards: NOVA GREEN Special projects: PROGETTO SERRE

PAD. 15


flowers, plants, green spaces. beauty generating beauty.

Flormart sets aside considerable space for the sector that encompasses cut flowers, accessories for florists, decorations, vases and pots. It is a world where beauty dominates and where the most interesting and innovative floral trends, destined to influence companies and professionals, are revealed.

Exhibition areas

  • Floriculture
  • Cut flowers
  • Articles and accessories for florists and garden centres
  • Fabrics
  • Packaging and paper
  • Pottery
  • Items for garden hobbyists
Awards: Nova Green Events: Master Flower Special projects: GREENHOUSES PROJECT

PAD. 3

Flormart | U35


A lab of ideas and projects, your chance to meet entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators in the green industry.

Temi e valori

  • Opportunità
  • Crescita
  • Incontro
  • Condivisione
  • Dialogo
  • Innovazione
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