71st edition

The exhibition

Flormart confirms its role as a benchmark event for Italian and international floriculture, floristry and landscaping

What is Flormart

Flormart hosts the most important entities of the national and international nursery-gardening sector to spread information on the best that the world of the Green has to offer. Flormart also means a commitment that lasts 365 days a year. It offers innovative events to support the development and competitiveness of the Italian nursery gardening and orients this industry towards the values ​​of biodiversity. 70 editions of Flormart confirm the consolidated influence of this event.



GPP LAB is the first Italian service platform for public green spaces and street furniture able to create real partnerships and green business opportunities between public and private operators trough green contracts / GPP-Green Public Procurement. All this thanks to:

  • the National Institutional Convention on Green Procurement / GPP-Green Public Procurement;
  • A help desk on GPP, a service in collaboration with the Veneto Region;
  • “Obiettivo Sistema Natura”, an institutional expo area dedicated to "Governance and green policies”
  • Flormatch, the B2B exchange among selected operators.
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