71st edition


11 Sep

Vertical garden and easy-made hemp ʻmale spottingʼ: innovative ideas at Flormart Future Village.

Hemp - it is best if only female seeds grow. And now there is a method for identifying male seeds faster. Vertical gardens - you can create one thanks to a convenient modular system featuring a number of green ‘pictures’ to be hanged on the wall. These are only some of the ideas which are ready to innovate the green sector. They are the finalists of Flormart Future Village. They are some of the new things at the 70th edition of Flormart (26th-28th September, at Fiera di Padova). Let’s find out who the first three finalists are.

Life Panel is an Italian start-up which was created to combine the modern culture of vertical gardens with new sustainable technology. The Life Panel modular system enables all kinds of plants to be grown on a vertical surface made of true substrate. The system maximises sustainability with the technical advantages of a vertical garden. Easy to grow, lightweight, practical to install and long-lasting, it is the ideal solution for a professional vertical garden.

ON-Bot is a Q&A chatbot which is able to understand natural language and to answer users’ questions thanks to a questions-and-answers knowledge base. The knowledge base can be loaded manually by means of an excel file or pre-defined templates. The system features a bot which interacts with users, as well as an administrator console that manages questions and answers and analyses the bot’s behaviour.

Canvasalus is a start-up that carries out research and development activities aimed at providing hemp-derived products to be used in the agricultural, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, and that are most suitable and functional for a healthy, pleasant life. Canvasalus Research has developed a method for extracting only the female seeds from an exclusively dioecious hemp variety.
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