71st edition


11 Sep

Smart cultures, AI technologies and miscanthus processing at Flormart Future Village.

A smart device for hydroponic cultures, a system for monitoring climate and soil to prevent diseases, an industrial chain to cultivate and process miscanthus. Here we present another group of three innovative start-ups, one of the new things at the 70th Flormart edition (26th-28th September, at Fiera di Padova).

Nido is the first, smart, connected device for managing and monitoring hydroponic cultures. Nido measures and manages all parameters related to the plant’s growth. The system is fully compatible and it is ideal for all types of out-of-soil cultivation of crops with up to a 2,500-litres total capacity of nutrient solution.

Smartisland is a start up of AI technologies for applications in agriculture and floriculture. Smartisland has developed a system by which the climatic conditions, the soil and the plants are monitored in order to prevent diseases and water stress. It consists of a software and hardware component called Daiki. This robot enables data relating to the soil and the environment conditions to be collected, with the aim of monitoring the entire cultivation process.

Planeta Renewables is an innovative start-up in the bio-economy sector, currently based at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The company’s objective is to realise the first industrial chain in Italy dedicated to the cultivation, processing and development of miscanthus. This non-edible, sustainable plant has a high potential in the production of bio-based products and is, therefore, fully compliant with the principles of circular economy.
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