71st edition


11 Sep


Jordi Bellmunt, from the Spanish landscape architecture firm B2B Architects, will be at the ECOtechGREEN International Forum to review best practices in people mover mobility as a development factor of small urban landscapes.

Automated people mover mobility (APM) in the landscape represents a new element in urban planning, providing social opportunities and ecological challenges. Through a series of case studies, best practices in this field will be outlined by Jordi Bellmunt, founder of Barcelona-based B2B Architects. Two major benefits provided by new types of people movers will be highlighted. These are the eco-friendly enhancement of the urban fabric, with both unexpected and unexplored results, as well as a tool for the development of a new kind of socialisation. The research into new systems of slow mobility has brought out the need to rethink it in a sustainable way. This new approach, combined to a greater attention to the everyday environment, will be a major challenge in the landscapes of future.
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