71st edition


31 Jul

“The man who planted trees”, at Flormart the first edition of the Veneto Agricoltura Award “L’uomo che piantava alberi”. Here’s how it works

“The man who planted trees”, perhaps the most famous work of French author and poet Jean Giono, has been chosen as name for the first annual award “L’uomo che piantava alberi”, established by Veneto Agricoltura (the Veneto Region Agency for promotion, development and conservation of agro-forestry, agriculture, aquaculture and fishery). The prize will be awarded to someone who has distinguished themselves in promoting and carrying out wood planting which has significantly contributed to enriching the Italian landscape. The event will have the privilege of being hosted by Flormart, the international benchmark exhibition of horticulture, taking place from the 26th-28th September in Padova.

To apply complete this form and email it to info@venetoagricoltura.org by 12 noon on the 5th September 2019. You can apply yourself or nominate a third party. The winner will be chosen by a committee comprised of representatives of Veneto Agricoltura, experts in forestry and representatives of public institutions.

The prize consists of 1,000 trees/shrubs grown by the “Centro Biodiversità Vegetale e Fuori Foresta” (Center for Biodiversity and Outside-Forest Activities) of Veneto Agricoltura. These are to be allocated by the winner at their own discretion for either a new planting scheme or to be integrated into an existing one.

For more information: http://www.venetoagricoltura.org/2019/07/bandi-e-selezioni/premio-jean-giono-luomo-che-piantava-gli-alberi/
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