71st edition


14 May

The world of Medicinal Plants at Flormart 2019

The world of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, thanks also to the recent approval of the new Italian law, opens interesting opportunities for companies of the sector, from the multifunctional for the agricultural sector to the nursery gardening and horticultural one.

Flormart 2019 hosts the first edition of Erbale Forum, a rich program of meetings among experts, researchers and representatives of projects and innovative experiences on medicinal plants to know their technical- scientific, regulatory and market aspects. In this context a targeted exhibition to promote networking and exchanges of products and services between the various players in the supply chain will be displayed.

Medicinal and aromatic, nutritional, cosmetic but also biotechnological, recreational and for phytoremediation use; botanicals and herbal products feed an articulated and complex supply chain in which territory, tradition and scientific research meet, to give new answers to the need of living in harmony with nature and that in the biodiversity of Italian flora finds a resources heritage still to be explored.

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For companies that want to support this cultural initiative and participate as a protagonist in a herbal forum, an interesting sponsorship formula is available.

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For membership and information: erbaleforum@padovafiere.it
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