71st edition


23 Sep

Greenery reaches city roofs. Harpo brings to Flormart the convention on green roofs.

A high-altitude green line, on the roofs. To see it, or often imagine it, look skywards. Green roofing is increasingly becoming a more important part of the regeneration of cities. This is one of the themes at the heart of Flormart 2019. Trieste based Harpo verdepensile, a leading company in the green roofing sector, has organised the ʻ4th National Convention of Green Roofing Professional Gardenersʼ, a benchmark event in Italy for green roofing installers. The convention will be held on Saturday 28th September (2pm-5pm, in hall 14). To participate simply enrol on this link.

The event will help to identify the opportunities in the sector which are offered by recent regulations and a new design approach, increasingly more oriented towards environmental sustainability. But what do we mean by green roofs? We mean solutions designed for bringing green spaces into the cities. They can be installed on a roof or a terrace and offer diverse advantages such as insulation of buildings, both thermal and acoustic, protection from bad weather, micro-climate improvement, filtration of dust and flood prevention. Installation and maintenance of green roofing systems require specialised, skilled gardeners with appropriate techniques and tools. The market is evolving and there is a growing interest in the sector, which is growing and constantly being researched.

Maurizio Crasso, director of Harpo verdepensile, will provide a general outline of the situation while experts from the sector will report on specific themes.
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