70th edition


11 Sep

Gorky Park. History of a park where past and present recount the great Russian culture.

The case history of the well-known Gorky Park in Moscow lands in Flormart thanks to Maestroverde, that has been cooperating with the Park’s managers for 10 years, supporting the design and bulding of new functional areas.

Gorky Park today is a model to develop green areas in Russia. The well-known park along Moskva River has expanded, mixing together tradition and innovation. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was created out of relinquished spaces to host the first agricultural and cratfmanship national exhibition. Today, Gorky Park has become a 200-hectare wide area with spots to relax, practice sports and have fun.

Here, surrounded by centuries-old trees, flowerbeds and gyms, past and present mix together in a unique, balanced way, where the motto is unity in diversity. Today, the park is a symbol for the development of every green project in Russia.

Architect Lidya Leontieva, invited by Maestroverde to Flormart, will take the floor at the ECOtechGREEN conference, to speak about the successful mix of traditional culture and contemporary styles in the great Mother Russia.

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