70th edition


17 Jul

Flormart introduces a vertical technological farm for the agriculture of the future:

A vertical farm integrated with the most innovative technologies and controlled by the techniques of the artificial intelligence: this is the great innovation presented at Flormart 2017 and also an opportunity for propose a desired model which will become more and more important in the cities of the future. Just in the last few days an important convention promoted by the University of Padova and Federmanager, indicated among the professionals of the future the “vertical agriculture”, which should acquire new competences for respond to an integrated agriculture model in urban areas. The project which will be presented in the Padova Exhibition Center, created in the environment of Masterplan of the urban sustainability of the Fair, aims to create an environment for the protected growing, in which the parameters of cultivation (temperature, humidity, light, fertigation) are regulated for maximize the yield and the quality and to minimize the consume of the resources.

The 1:1 vertical farm is developed in a research coordinated by the Informatic Department of the University of Verona and financed by Region of Veneto in collaboration with some important companies: Agricontrol Snc of Balbo and Secco, Ambra Elettronica Srl, Organizzazione Orlandelli Srl, the Center for Experimentation and Agricultural Assistance (CeRSAA) of Albelonga and the VS Associated Study
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