70th edition


02 Aug

Flormart Award 2018: a good news for the exhibitors of Flormart

Flormart Award will be one of the novelties of the 69th edition of Flormart.

Flormart Award is dedicated to all exhibitors of Flormart 2018, to valorize the presentation of their products.
There will be an evaluation of the exhibition project, its implementation and quantity of displayed products.

The award is articulated in the different sector of Flormart 2018:
  • Horticulture and floriculture
  • Technologies and technical products
  • GreenInnovation Hub
  • Sustainable landscape architecture.

The results will be announced on the second day of the Show and the award ceremony will be on 21st September, on the occasion of the official clousure.

Click here to download the regulation with the modalities of participation. Participation requests should be sent by 18th September.
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