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07 Sep

ECOtechGREEN introduces the new Cagliari Football Arena

Massimo Roj, one of the 100 top architects in the world, will present the new Cagliari Football Arena in Padova.

More than 5,000 football fans supported this project and last August the final agreement between designers and Cagliari Football Club was signed. Therefore, Ecotechgreen will present the new Cagliari Football Arena by Sportium consortium, joined by a team of international professionals: CMR Firm, led by architect Massimo Roj, iDeas, B&L Real Estate and the US Manica Architecture firm, led by David Manica, the creator of the most renowned stadiums in the world. CMR – Massimo Roj Firm (ranked among the 100 best architecture firms in the world) will present in Padova the winning project, chosen among 25 projects during the first phase and 3 projects during the second: Tractebel-Engie with Gau Arena, J+S with One Works and Sportium (a project by CMR, iDeas, B&L Real Estate and Manica Architecture). The key points of the project are: sustainability, multifunctionality, circular economy and, last but not least, the landscape surrounding the arena. The stadium is revolutionary, with a hotel, a museum, a bar, a service area inside, surrounded by a wide tree-lined area, which is both a park and a parking lot. The stadium will be partly built using materials of the demolished Sant’Elia stadium.

Project: Sportium (Project by CMR, iDeas, B&L Real Estate, Manica Architecture)
Concept: Massimo Roj (Project by CMR)
Where: Cagliari, Italia
Developers: Cagliari Calcio

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