71st edition


06 Aug

ANVE takes the stock on Xylella Fastidiosa in Italy at Flormart 2018

At Flormart 2018, ANVE - National Association of Nurserymen Exporters will organize the seminar “Xylella Fastidiosa: application of the legislation and effects on the national and international market”. Nurserymen, professional associations, institutions and experts in scientific research will discuss the updates about the phytopathological emergency.

The aim of the association will be to spread awareness of the bacterium, its causes and the affected plants and, above all, to disprove the fake news broke out about the topic.
In recent year, there have been many misleading news about Xylella Fastidiosa spread by the mass media, that have created public disorder as well as having leaded to confusion about the real facts.

Leonardo Capitanio, President of ANVE, specifies that no infected plants have ever been detected in Italian nurseries, underlaining the workers professional profile and the nursery material health.

The speech about Xylella Fastidiosa is scheduled on Thursday, 20 September at 11.00 am., at the institutional ANVE area (Pav.5 stand E187), at Flormart 2018.
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