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  • Nursery gardening

“FLORMART GPP LAB” Project 4th edition
(How to create real opportunities of partnership and green business between public and private companies through the GPP-Green Public Procurement)

After the success of previous editions, Fiera di Padova and Adescoop-Agenzia dell’Economia Sociale, as the initiative co-ordinator, organise the 4th edition of FLORMART GPP LAB: the first and only national platform on GPP Green Public Procurement for urban public green areas and regeneration of cities through the best sustainable street furniture solutions (e.g. from wood, recycled plastic, marble, processed stone), www.flormart.it.

Public administrations, at both national and local level, are now required by legislation to ensure “greener” services in matters of street furniture and public green care, in line with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Here below are some of the current legislative measures in Italy:

  • the new Codice Appalti [Italian Procurement Code] legislative decree no.50/2016 (updated by legislative decree no.56/2017), articles 34 and following;
  • law no.221/2015 “Provisions in environmental matters aimed at promoting measures on the green economy and limitation of excessive use of natural resources”;
  • law no.10/2013 “Regulations on development of urban green spaces”, complemented by the recent “National Strategy for Urban Green” and the “Guidelines for Urban Green Management and basic guidelines for a sustainable planning”, both issued by the Ministry for the Environment-Committee for Public Green Development;
  • the Decrees by the Ministry for the Environment concerning the CAM Criteri Ambientali Minimi [Minimum Environmental Criteria], (e.g. public green areas, street furniture, public lighting).

Public purchase expenditure in Italy amounts to about 150 billion euros per year and a significant share of this could be converted in environment-friendly purchases.

Within this framework Flormart GPP LAB 2019 is the most innovative offer for integrated services, opportunities for collaboration, business and projects for the development of the “green” national market of the Public Administration. In particular the following sectors are concerned: public green areas, street furniture, landscape architecture, eco-forestry services, green infrastructures and much more.

The “FLORMART GPP LAB 2019” Project is organised along three main focuses:

  1. FlorTraining
    1. NATIONAL INSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE with qualified experts and contributors from the sector:
      The National Green Plan and the new CAM/Minimum Environmental Criteria
      required by GPP NAP National Action Plan on Green Public Procurement
      New market opportunities in Italy between institutional roles and procurement code
      Friday 27 September 2019 11:00am-01:00pm Flormart GPP LAB Area - Hall 11
    2. GPP HELP DESK service in collaboration with Regione Veneto.
  2. FlorMatch – a dedicated B2B marketplace with personalised meetings between selected operators and exhibitor companies and organisations as well as qualified Public Administration and networking organisations;
    Friday 27 September 2019 09:00am-11:00am and 02:30pm-04:30pm Flormart GPP LAB Area - Hall 11.
  3. EXPO Area: “Governance and Green Policies” taking place inside the new topical section “Focus on Landscaping & Urban Green Solutions” – practical multifunctional promotion and networking services offering a large number of opportunities in a well equipped, dedicated area.


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