68th edition


Giardino Italiano

Flormart is developing the theme of biodiversity with a project to improve the exhibition district. This takes concrete form in GIARDINO ITALIANO, a permanent garden where plants and flowers endemic to...


Sei un espositore italiano?

Se ci fai pervenire la tua domanda di partecipazione entro il 28 aprile ti riserviamo condizioni vantaggiose, puoi contribuire a costruire Giardino Italia e partecipare alle iniziative di Sistema 365.


Are you a foreign exhibitor?

Flormart 2017 gives you the chance to feature in an international pavilion, divided by countries.

Contact Flormart's commercial department: flormart@padovafiere.it

Were you an exhibitor at Flormart 2016?

Not only can you contribute to Giardino italiano, but you can also participate in the 365 System initiatives, and you'll receive exclusive conditions

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Contact Flormart's commercial department: flormart@padovafiere.it

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